What is supervision?

Supervision is the professional consulting method for all professional challenges of individuals, teams or groups and organizations.

The supervisor supports you in designing professional actions in a goal-oriented, efficient and successful way. The aim of supervision is to reflect on professional situations in one-on-one consultations, in a team or in a group and to enable the participants to constructively master the associated problems and challenges, to solve conflicts and to actively manage change processes.
Supervision offers:

  •     Reflection and support in decision making
  •     Support in challenging or stressful work situations and conflicts
  •     Clarification and design of tasks, assignments, functions and roles
  •     Support during change processes
  •     Innovative solutions for new challenges
  •     Work place bullying and burnout prophylaxis

Supervision helps both the individual and the group/team to discover new dimensions and possibilities. Through targeted lateral thinking and often surprising questions, the supervisor initiates new answers and solutions.


Supervision is a specific form of counselling that is used to accompany and support people in professional matters. Under the guidance of a supervisor, questions and issues arising from the demands of the profession are reflected upon, clarified and alternative future courses of action are developed.


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